Rules and Regulations

Revised March 2012

  1. Use of the grounds is permitted only after a reservation has been made, approved and a certificate of insurance has been received.
  2. It is unlawful to abuse, mutilate, injure, remove or destroy any living plant or animal, any structure, physical feature or property on the grounds.
  3. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or un-prescribed controlled dangerous substances is prohibited.
  4. Annoying, boisterous or objectionable conduct is not permitted.
  5. Pets are not allowed.
  6. Special animal activities are permitted in designated areas when reservations are made.
  7. There must be an adult leader with each group at all times.
  8. Before leaving, the leader must inspect the site and be sure it is left in the same or better condition than when they arrived.
  9. Camping is permitted in designated areas. Any tables moved must be returned to their original site before leaving.
  10. There will be absolutely no ground digging. This includes trenching for tents, garbage disposal, fire pits, etc.
  11. Water may be obtained at several hydrants located in the picnic area, campgrounds and at the pavilion.
  12. Fires:
    • No fires are permitted when the fire risk is high.
    • Wood and charcoal may be used for fires when weather conditions are favorable.
    • Wood may be gathered from the area, but only from the ground.
    • Fires must be built in existing fire ring locations and all fire rings returned to the storage area prior to leaving. (see storage area signs)
    • New fire ring locations must be approved by the facility manager.
    • Fires are prohibited in wooded areas and by the pavilion.
    • Building of fire places from stones or bringing stones into grass areas for any purpose is strictly forbidden.
    • Fires must be supervised at all times and must be completely extinquished before leaving.
  13. All trash must be placed in the dumpster located near the exit gate.
  14. Fishing is permitted subject to New Jersey state fish and game regulations.
  15. Swimming and ice skating are not permitted in the reservoir.
  16. Ice skating is permitted on the pond, only with the permission of the facility manger.
  17. Swimming is not allowed in the pond.
  18. Hunting, or the use of controlled or regulated incendiary devices are prohibited.
  19. Model rocketry is allowed provided that an active and insured member of the National Association of Rocketry is responsible and oversees all launches and that the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code is followed at all times.
  20. Anyone operating a water craft is responsible for knowing and operating in accordance with New Jersey boating laws.
  21. Powered water craft on the pond are prohibited.
  22. Vehicle operation is restricted to defined roadways.
  24. Vehicles must park only in designated areas and not in camp sites. Vehicles may temporarily park at camp sites to load and unload. .
  25. Off-the-road recreational vehicles are prohibited without prior written permission.
  26. In case of emergency (fire, physical injury, etc.) Call 911 and then notify the facility manager using phone numbers posted on the board in the kiosk located in lower field near the flag pole.
  27. Failure to follow any rules and regulations may result in the immediate removal of your group and/ or individual and may result in refusal for future use of the facility.